How to Join MAAB

There is no cost to participate in MAAB. You can become part of the movement just by registering your school. We invite you to read the course outline to see if this program is right for you. The outline below lays out a detailed “how to” guide and script for presenting a 3 to 4 hour anti-bullying seminar.

Download the Course Outline

Should you decide that, after reviewing the course outline, you want to participate in this movement on a formal basis as a public member, you will need to agree to the guidelines listed below.

Benefits and Guidelines for Public Membership in MAAB

There are several benefits to free public membership. Upon registration:

  • You will receive promotional materials designed to help you get the word out.
  • Your school will be listed on the international MAAB website.
  • You will also receive a series of 3 to 5 minute anti-bullying huddle discussions to be used in your classroom on a regular basis.

School guidelines for participating in MAAB are as follows:

Participating schools agree to follow the course outline given. You are certainly free to ad lib and improvise a bit, but the overall course needs to be taught in a consistent manner from school to school.

  1. Participating schools agree not to end these seminars with a hard sales presentation. This program should not be viewed as an introductory lesson thinly veiled as an anti-bullying seminar. In order for this program to have longevity and maximum impact, it must stand on its own. Certainly you can give participants information about your program. You can even give them an introductory special, but not an “only good today” special. No one should leave feeling pressured to join your school that day. They should leave feeling confident and empowered.
  2. At the very minimum, participating schools agree to offer this program on a quarterly basis and the dates must be submitted to MAAB at least 30 days prior to each event.
  3. Participating schools agree to use the 3 to 5 minute anti-bullying huddle discussions in their classroom on an ongoing basis.
  4. Participating schools agree to offer these seminars to the public free of charge, or as a fundraiser for a worthy charity.
  5. There is no doubt that participating in this program will be good for your business. It will bring a whole different audience to your school. Your school will be regarded in your community as a positive force in the movement against bullying. Your school could gain additional media attention.

These are all great side effects to being involved in the program, but don’t join MAAB if your main motivation is to grow your school. Join this movement because you want to help make a difference in the fight against bullying. Your community will benefit dramatically, and in long run, so will your business.

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